Cancellation & Refund Policy

14-Day Cancellation Policy

Please read the following if you’re looking to submit a Cancellation Request.

iMarketGrab has complete confidence in the services we offer, and we are dedicated to providing exceptional results for our clients. Our goal is to always create long-term, win-win relationships with our clients. From time to time, for whatever reason, a client needs to cancel services, which we do understand. All we ask is that you provide us with a 14-Day cancellation notice (14-Days before your next billing day). Please note the following:

1)  You will lose exclusivity in your market and we will partner with one of your competitors (applicable to exclusive services only).

2)  There may be setup fees should you re-subscribe to our services in the future.

3)  Refunds are not issued just because you decide to cancel (see refund policy below).

4)  Services will remain active until the current, paid for billing cycle ends, or current lead credits in escrow are used up.

NOTE: Some clients just aren’t a fit… iMarketGrab reserves the right to cancel any client with a 14-Day cancellation notice to the client.

This cancellation policy is subject to changes without prior notice.

Process your Cancellation Request by emailing our support staff:

30-Day Refund Policy

Please read the following if you’re planning to submit a Refund Request.

iMarketGrab operates all of it’s services in the best interest of our clients with the goal of producing ROI (return on investment) on all services we provide. We never try to trick or persuade a client into purchasing a service from us that our team doesn’t think will yield results and ROI for their business.

To stand behind our operating principles and our confidence in our services, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee to our clients. Every 30-days this guarantee re-starts, so it’s important to note that iMarketGrab will never issue a refund to a client totaling more than one 30-day period of paid services.


1)  We never refund more than 30-days of paid services. The refund period resets every 30-days. (Example: if a client has our services for 6-months and decides to cancel for some odd reason, sending in a refund request, this client could potentially receive a refund of 30-days of paid services, NOT all 6-months).

2)  Refunds are ONLY issued for NON-PERFORMANCE of iMarketGrab’s services. Non-performance examples are listed below (FYI… we don’t let these happen because we perform!):

A. iLISTINGsync – client logs into their dashboard after the “new client on-boarding period” and sees that we don’t have any of their listings synced or something similar where our team is obviously not performing.

B. iMEDIArank – client contacts us and shows us proof that our efforts are not doing anything at all to increase leads to their business or improve their rankings on ANY of the related search results / search terms for the products or services they offer in their targeted geographical area.

C. iLEADwire – client contacts us to review the leads received for the past 30-days, we listen to the phone call recordings together and all of the leads are telemarketers and people that are not qualified to potentially buy their product or service. (NOTE: we have a dispute process that will automatically refund your account for telemarketing calls anyway, so this situation would not occur).

3)  Once a client cancels, their exclusivity (if applicable) for their territory / city with iMarketGrab ends.

4)  iMarketGrab and client will part ways, hopefully as friends.

5)  Any request for refund after 45-days of payment is excluded, and will not be processed / issued.

6)  iMarketGrab will not refund unless refund request is made within 45-days of payment.

This refund policy is subject to changes without prior notice.

Start the process of your Refund Request by emailing our support staff:


Disputes related in any way to the services iMarketGrab offers will be governed in all respects by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Missouri and, to the extent applicable, the federal laws of the United States of America, excluding their conflict of laws rules and excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. You agree (a) to submit to the jurisdiction of and venue in the state and federal courts located in the State of Missouri and (b) not to initiate any legal proceeding against iMarketGrab in any other jurisdiction. BOTH PARTIES WAIVE ANY RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL WITH RESPECT TO ANY ACTION BROUGHT IN CONNECTION WITH THIS AGREEMENT.