iMarketGrab Company

iMarketGrab was founded in 2011. We are located in Chesterfield, Missouri, a suburb of Saint Louis.

Our founder, Nathan Whitaker has been involved in the technology world since the early 2000’s. Our teams experience and expertise is in Business Systems, Process Automation, Website Development, Online Advertising and Lead Generation.

iMarketGrab is simply a provider of a few high impact services (in a very complex, always evolving environment) that actually gets a business what they want… MORE CUSTOMERS, CLIENTS, PATIENTS, OR DONORS. The vast majority of other services on the internet is a means to this end… We deliver the end!

We answer our main (800) number when we can, but here’s the story….

We offer incredible services at a very fair price. To offer this pricing, we don’t operate with a large overhead of staff sitting at their desks waiting for a phone call to come in. Our team operates primarily on appointments that are scheduled through our online calendar system or through emails that come in through our support and contact channels.

Please use one of the preferred methods below to reach us, we promise you will get in touch with us!

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Our primary focus is in the following verticals:

  • Health Services
  • Legal
  • Renewable Energy
  • Property Services

Our iLISTINGsync & iMEDIArank service can help the majority of businesses or non-profit organizations. Our iLEADwire service is very specific and we only launch laser targeted assets to produce leads for a small handful of business verticals.

Yes, which is very rare in the digital marketing space. There are many companies in our industry making claims about results that never actually happen, and business owners are tired of it. We are 100% confident in the results that our services provide, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t receive what we promise to deliver. We call it Risk Free Advertising! Compare that to your other sources of online or offline marketing…

No. We only offer the services listed on our website. We do have alliances with other marketing / branding companies that we will happily refer our clients to for website design, logos, etc.

We can, but right now we are only focused on businesses in the United States.

We offer premium, high impact, managed solutions at an affordable price which we stand behind with our 30-day money back guarantee. We are not a full-service ad agency with a broad approach to marketing. We are highly specialized and focused on meeting the lead generation needs of the businesses we partner with.

Yes, we offer each of our iMEDIArank & iLEADwire clients an optional 15-minute monthly “Results Call” in which we can discuss anything related to marketing, business systems, etc.

Discovery Call

We offer potential clients interested in iMEDIArank or iLEADwire a quick 15-minute “Discovery Call” to find out if your business is right for our services and if your territory is available. We will have an informal chat about your business, what products / services you’re trying to grow and what your business is currently doing in digital marketing. After this call, you and our team should know if it’s worth moving forward.

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Analysis Call

After our “Discovery Call”, the next step is to setup a 45-minute “Analysis Call”. During this call we will discuss the potential in your local area and what we can do to drive leads to your business. If this is an iLEADwire call, we will discuss the price per lead, depending on type, competition, etc.

By the end of this call, we should all know if you and our team are ready to move forward. If so, we will send you a simple signup link at the end of the call along with the onboarding email.


Territory Exclusivity

No. Our iLISTINGsync services is NOT exclusive, our other services are.

Simple, we do not want conflicts of interest. We do not want to create competition for our own clients.

Yes, if we determine that your company is a good fit for our services, we can add you to our future client waiting list. We will then contact you as soon as your territory has an opening.

Our territories are defined by city. If the city has a large population (Los Angeles, for example) we define the territories by zip code.

iLISTINGsync Service

No. We offer our iLISTINGsync service to any business. This is a “foundational” service that every organization needs before it does any other form of digital marketing, it’s not a lead generation based strategy, so we don’t offer exclusivity.

iLISTINGsync is a very straightforward foundational service. Our team can chat with you, but it’s not necessary as we have a simple, automated “Free Listings Audit” for you to run on your business. Then, if you want to sign up to have us manage your listings, you click the link on our website.

We use our automated tool to scour the internet to see how your business information is showing up in the top 40 or so listings sites. Many times, businesses aren’t showing up at all on several listing sites. You will get to review the results in real-time, 24/7 once you fill in your company information.

Here’s an example of what you’ll see…

You can subscribe to our service for the low price of $147 per month and we will manage it all for you on a monthly basis (along with reputation monitoring, etc.).

Alternatively, you can go into each of the listing websites that you see, claim your listing and create an account so you can then fill out your correct business information. Remember, if any of your business information ever changes, you will have to log back into all of these sites and update it. If your planning to manage your listings on your own, it’s a good idea to keep a spreadsheet with all the logins and passwords so you can stay organized.

We don’t manage your reputation. We monitor your reputation across the internet and send you an email when someone leaves a review or social comment. The email will include the website, what was said and any other pertinent information so you can respond.

Yes. We can manage 1 location to 1000’s of locations. Contact us if you have multiple locations and we can discuss volume discounts.

This is an ongoing managed service. We always make sure your business listings are in sync with your business information and we monitor your reputation on a daily basis. This is a foundational service that every business must have, it’s not just a one-time thing.

Use us, or use someone else, but it is critical that your business listings are managed and your reputation is monitored on an ongoing basis.

Currently we sync 75+ of the top profiles online with your business information.

iMEDIArank Service

Yes. We only offer iMEDIArank to ONE business, per industry, per territory (typically a territory equals a city). Example: if we’re working with a Solar Panel Installation company in Dallas Texas, we will NOT offer this service to a competing Solar panel Installation company in Dallas, as long as our partner is active and current on payments.

If this is the case, it is because we have an existing client in your industry and local market, OR we don’t feel that your business is a good fit for our service.

We use our media connections to get your business more exposure online. We always ensure that your business is presented in a positive way. The effect of this is more of your ideal customers coming to your business to buy your products or services.

That’s our “secret sauce” and we do not share our list of media contacts for several reasons…

This is a lead generation strategy.

You’re probably aware of the fact that media attention & PR is hit or miss and usually overpriced… Our team creates a content marketing and visibility campaign and then leverages our media connections to get it exposure online. It will undoubtedly differ from anything you have done in the past as our team focuses on bringing localized clients for specific products or services.

We gain the information for our team to use in the following ways:

  • Our consultation call.
  • Our monthly “Results Call” together.
  • Your website.
  • Any other information that your business has published online.

We do not randomly create facts / information about your business. The basis of our content is from information you’ve already created or explained to us during our interactions.

We produce a 3rd party perspective and share it with our media connections that’s highly trusted and effective. This saves you and your staff time because we don’t need any of your additional input to get this done on an ongoing basis.

If you would like to approve each piece of information that we will re-using about your business online, the monthly price will be $1,500 – $2,000 per month for our custom iMEDIArank service. Let us know if you’d like to go this route. 

No. This is a content marketing and visibility campaign that involves the media. We do not touch your website.

iMEDIArank is beneficial in many ways, outside of just helping you rank organically in the search engines for specific products & services (which you are probably currently targeting with your PPC campaigns):

  • High Profile Media Coverage
  • Consistent, New Lead Generation
  • 1st Page Organic Rankings
  • Google “Money Pack” – through the local citations generated from our media connections your business will jump into the Google 3-Pack for your local area within 6-months of us running campaigns. This is a HUGE advantage!
  • Builds Your Business Online as the Local Authority
  • Local Keyword Optimization
  • Increases Brand Awareness
  • Builds Credibility & Reputation – when someone wants to know more about your business, before doing business with you.
  • Increases Direct Website Visits
  • Adds 100’s of Referring Domains Directed to your Website, Monthly
  • Dramatically Improves your Website Search Engine Rankings Over Time – the high authority backlinks generated from our media connections help boost your organic website rankings.

Our iMEDIArank service is a long term lead generation strategy. Yes, we will be able to show you results after one month, but this is not a one time service. The power of our campaigns build overtime and are accumulative, building on one another, month after month.

We do not offer one month partnerships. We partner with businesses that know the value of an ongoing marketing campaign and look at iMEDIArank as affordable and a “no-brainer” when it come to the investment / exclusivity.

iLEADwire Service

We get them from the internet through our highly optimized and extremely targeted campaigns.

It actually isn’t. With PPC (Pay-Per-Click) you will need 4-8 clicks to your website or landing page to get 1 live phone call lead.

It takes 6 clicks to get ONE phone call on average. We deliver the same targeted call at a huge discount, so you don’t have to focus on it, and it’s guaranteed.

It’s impossible to target all the keywords as they keep changing. What you miss, we grab. We make sure your target market is completely covered.

No. You pay for all relevant prospect calls you receive from us. Just like any form of advertising, some people call and window shop, some people do business with you right away.

We are experts in providing the lowest cost targeted leads with zero risk to you. We do not offer profit sharing or pay for only closed sales. In fact, we know of no other form of advertising that does… (print ads, radio, television, billboards, yellow pages, pay-per-click, SEO, shared email leads, etc.)

You will be provided a login where you can check all of the calls you receive from us. You get the phone number, time they called, and a recording of the call so you can review how your staff handled the call.

It varies by greatly industry. The averages we see are around 30% (non-emergency services) and 70% (emergency services). This is very general and assumes competitive pricing, good reputation, etc.

All calls are 100% guaranteed to be from real prospects interested in your service.

No. You are never charged more than 1 time per prospect that calls your business through our system.

You are never charged for telemarketers or wrong numbers.

Yes. If a prospect tries to call you and your staff doesn’t pickup the call, that is an internal business operations issue that needs to be addressed. We do have some recommendations to solve this problem.

No. We have never and will never use telemarketing campaigns to get leads for our clients.

No. We’ve done that in a past business model and we had a lot of success. Now, we only manage our own lead generation campaigns and sell the leads we generate which removes all risk from the business owner. Win / Win.

New Client Onboarding / Setup

Once payment is processed and requested onboarding information received, setup will be 100% complete within 2 weeks.

Once you signup by processing your payment, you will receive an email to our simple onboarding form. This form should only take 10 minutes for you or your staff to fill out. Once completed, we may contact you if we need additional information, but most of the time we don’t. That’s it, simple for you!


Yes. All of our clients receive a monthly “Results Report” that’s emailed to them.

Our iMEDIArank and iLEADwire clients receive access to our optional 15-minute monthly “Results Call” scheduler. During this call, one of our team members review the results report and current strategy over an online meeting with our client.


Billing takes places through your credit card on the same day each month. Once payment is processed, you will receive a paid receipt via email. We accept all major credit cards.

You are billed monthly on the same day that you originally signed up.

iLEADwire clients are billed each time their escrow account gets below a certain level and they need to top-off their Lead Funding Account.

We currently use PayPal and Stripe for all of our payment processing.

No. Click the “No PayPal account? Pay using your credit or debit card” under the login button on the PayPal screen. You can then enter in your payment details, and you don’t need a PayPal account.

You will be emailed a paid receipt once your credit card has been charged each month.

No, we only accept all major credit cards.

No, we do not offer financing.

Client Support

Please submit Support Request in the following format:

  • Issue in the Subject Line.
  • Description of the issue.
  • Include Your Name, Company Name, Address & best Phone Number to reach you.

We use a ticket system and our support team responds in the order support tickets are received. We respond by email first and then we will contact you by phone if the situation requires.

Our support staff has to respond to our clients within 24 hours, Monday-Friday. They usually respond a lot quicker and sometimes even on the weekend.


Yes, you can cancel at any time. All we ask is that you provide us with a 14-Day cancellation notice (14-Days before your next billing day).

Services will remain active until the current, paid for billing cycle ends, or current lead credits in escrow are used up. Your territory will then be open for us to partner with another business in your industry.

At the end of you current paid billing cycle, we will cancel our management of your listings and you will have full control over them. When we cancel our management, your listing profiles will most likely revert back to how they were prior to us managing them.

The content about your business that we launched will stay online, it will just lose strength overtime because we are not doing anything to manage and promote it. So basically the benefits will diminish, that’s why we recommend partnering with us long term.

Yes, however your territory would have to be available and we would have to approve you as a client since you already cancelled once. Setup fees may also apply. Our goal is to partner with and serve long-term, stable clients.