Fatal Mistakes In Digital Marketing


Burning Money with Wasted Pay-Per-Click Budget

Paying for Pay-Per-Click without the foundational strategy gained through High Profile News Media Coverage. Without this foundational strategy, your business is just another paid add on the search results. When a prospective customer researches your business vs. your competition, they will go with the most credible option… so even though they clicked your ad, what’s differentiating you??
Lack of these cost-effective, differentiating strategies, will cost your business boatloads of cash… right from your bottom line.

Relying On Convenience Instead of Profit Driven Partnerships

Many business owners connect with a digital marketing firm through personal relationships, local marketing availability or pushy industry salespeople. We choose to build Partnerships based on profitability at the core level.

Beware of The “One Size Fits All” Marketing Program.

For the marketing company, it’s extremely profitable to put everyone on the same platform. However, for you the business owner, make sure your strategy is custom tailored to your specific services that differentiates you from your competition.

Diluting ROI by not having a Complete, Synergistic Lead Generation Strategy

Most businesses overlook or skip crucial steps that inhibit maximizing marketing efforts. For example, launching a Pay Per Click campaign without improving your websites presence and building your businesses online news credibility first. You absolutely will not get the greatest possible result with your Pay Per Click campaign.

Risking Your Profits Before Gaining ROI “Can Kill The Horse Before The Race”

If you’re sold on a high cost marketing contract right out of the gate, you’re risking your hard-earned monthly profits. Our clients look to us to assist in identifying new opportunities to cut cost, increase revenue through lead generation, expand into new markets, and minimize risk in ways they have not yet recognized. Our stair step approach to marketing eliminates the risk of profit draining until your ROI can pay for the next step of the process.

Waiting, Waiting and Waiting A Little Longer...

Taking the advice of your digital marketing provider to just wait… “the results are coming”… “I can show you in a few months”. Fire that company!  Partner with a team that guarantees verifiable progress on a monthly basis.

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