What is iLEADwire?

Performance based lead generation for busy professionals, operating quality businesses, in select industries that we specialize in.
Pay-per-call (PPCall) is an advertising model that reaches high intent buyers, at exactly the right time, boosted by the popularity of smartphones. Our online marketing expertise, coupled with consumer intent is what drives massive conversions and success for our clients. High quality leads, live on your phone, wired to you on demand.
Guaranteed, simple per lead pricing, exclusive leads, completely transparent reporting, and fully managed for you. Partner with us as your lead solution today!

What iLEADwire can do for you…

Only pay when a live lead is delivered to your phone. Login dashboard to review all leads. Monthly detailed summary report and results call with our team.

Simple Delivery

We deliver high quality leads to your phone, during business hours, all while you focus on running your business.

Exclusive Live Calls

Tired of getting leads that are also being sent to 5-7 other businesses? We know your answer and we’re the solution to receiving exclusive, live lead phone calls that are high quality. The leads we deliver to you will never be resold to one of your competitors. This is another reason why our clients achieve higher close rates with us.

Lower Lead Spend

When you compare traditional Pay-Per-Click advertising with the price you pay us per live lead, your advertising spend will be lower. It takes 6 clicks on average (can be 10 clicks or higher if not properly optimized) to a website or landing page to get 1 live phone call. Most business owners don’t know this and are shocked when they actually do the math…

Pay For Valid Calls Only

We only charge you a lead fee when a valid call is delivered to your business. You will never be charged for wrong numbers, telemarketers, existing clients calling back, etc. We have a dispute and auditing process that will credit any non-valid calls back to you.

Advertising Management

You partner with us and we do all of the work to generate leads for you every week. We provide you with a long term, hands-off lead generation solution that gets you results.

Free 15-Minute Discovery Call

How iLEADwire Works…

We capture your target market online through search platforms and local directories. Your audience that we target are actively searching for the services or products that your business offers. Our experts, along with our proprietary technology optimizes campaigns to deliver you the highest quality calls. We never use telemarketing to get leads for our clients.

We take on all of the risk. We pay for wasted advertising spend, pay our team to manage, optimize and audit the campaigns. This all goes on behind the scenes while you get all of the benefits from the quality calls we deliver. All you need to do is make sure your phone is getting answered.

We even take it a step further and offer you a 30-day money back performance guarantee!

As one of our partners, you receive your own web based dashboard where you can log in 24/7 to review the calls your receiving. All calls (leads) you receive are processed through a call tracking number and then is forwarded to your business phone number. Each call is recorded, reviewed and included on a transparent monthly report that is sent to you via email. You also have access to review each of the calls in your dashboard. Many of our clients use the recordings to improve their front desks staff performance.

Our team also audits your account on a regular basis and listens to random calls. If we discover issues, we go deeper. This often times leads to us offering free advice on how your staff can increase your close rate by the way they handle calls.

There are no hidden fees. No setup fees, monthly service fees or annual contracts. You only pay per qualified lead that we deliver. How much per lead? We agree on a flat-rate per lead price during our “Discovery Call” together.


Only pay for qualified leads.


We take all the risk of fraud clicks & wasted ad spend.

Real Time

Steady stream of real-time leads.


We expertly manage the campaigns. You get the leads.


Quality leads = high ROI.


Choose the areas you would like leads from. We can target a county or as large as nationwide.

iLEADwire Verticals

Home Services

Green Energy

Health Sector

Legal Services

Get Your Lead Generation Started Today!

Steps To A Partnership With Us…

Discovery Call

Schedule a quick 15-minute discovery call to find out if your business is right for our live lead service and if your territory is available.

New Client Onboarding

After you signup and process your payment, you will receive an email to our simple onboarding form. This form should only take 10 minutes for you or your staff to fill out. Once completed, we may contact you if we need additional information, but most of the time we don’t. That’s it, simple for you!


per live call
  • Exclusive Leads
  • Live, High Quality Phone Calls
  • Our Assets Leveraged To Generate Leads For Your Business
  • Pay For Valid Calls Only
  • Call Recording Dashboard
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Quarterly Results Call
  • Email Support
  • 30-Day Money Back Performance Guarantee
  • No Contracts


NO Shared Leads.


Competitively Priced.


Consistent Lead Pipeline.


Quality Guarantee.