What is iLISTINGsync?

A businesses online identity, a.k.a Business Listing Management is the information listed online throughout the directories and search websites about your business. Information provided by these listings include your business name, address, phone number, hours of operation, website address, products / services offered, areas served, your branding, etc.
Many businesses have inconsistent, incomplete and duplicate listings, which confuse the search engines and cause your business to lack digital presence control. Our iLISTINGsync service manages your businesses online identity and ensures that it is listed on the top search platforms, correctly. In addition, we also monitor your online reputation across the internet, notifying you of any chatter written about your business, good or bad. These steps are foundational to compete online in your local market and critical for any business running lead generation campaigns.

Business Listing Facts…

Consumer Visibility

Business listings help consumers find you.

Website SEO

Business listings are crucial for website SEO.

Google Positioning

Google uses your business listing and reputation information to determine positioning on search results.

Smartphone Findability

94% of people use smartphone search engines to find local information.

Search Intent

90% of searches convert results into an action.

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How iLISTINGsync Works…

We analyze your current business listings to determine locations and accuracy. Our automated system scans the internet and compiles the information in an easy-to-read, simple report. We deliver the results to you real-time, instantly.


Subscribe to our iLISTINGsync service. We execute and manage everything listed below, on an ongoing basis.


We cleanup you error listings on the top sites. Create and tailor your new main content listing. We then submit your perfected business information to the top directories.

We manage and monitor your business listings and online reputation 24/7. If there’s a new review posted about you on the internet, we notify you via email immediately. If there’s a change in your business information (hours, address, phone number, products / services), let us know and we will update your business listings within 1 business day.


Listing Cleanup

We analyze and remove errors in your current business listings.

Duplicate Listings

Inaccurate and duplicate listings are merged or deleted.

Listing Creation

We create new business listings once data is scrubbed and edited.

Social Media Sites

We sync with your Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts.

New Listing Submission

We submit your new business listing to Search Platforms.

Map Sites

We input your business listing into Apple Maps and Google Maps.

iLISTINGsync Verticals

Home Services


Law Firms

Food & Beverage


Renewable Energy



Financial Services


Health Services





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Steps To A Partnership With Us…

Listings Audit

Get a Listing Audit to see how your listings currently show up, real-time.


Use the simple link below or to the right to process your secure payment via PayPal. You will be billed monthly on the same day through PayPal.

New Client Onboarding

After you signup by processing your payment, you will receive an email to our simple onboarding form. This form should only take 10-minutes for you or your staff to fill out. Once completed, we may contact you if we need additional information, but most of the time we don’t. That’s it, simple for you!


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  • Foundational Service - All Businesses Benefit
  • Your Online Assets Improved
  • 75+ Directories Synced
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  • Reputation Monitoring
  • Review Notifications
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Email Support
  • 30-Day Money Back Performance Guarantee
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Critical For Every Business.


Low Monthly Price.


Gets Your Business Found.


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