What is iMEDIArank?

Our team of experts leverages our media connections to get your business more exposure online. This exposure increases your businesses online footprint, boosts your reputation, increases your website rankings and in 3-6 months gets your business in the Google “Money Pack” (Google 3-pack) in your local market. If you’re already in the Google 3-pack, it will further solidify your position there.
We achieve these results by creating a cutting edge content marketing and visibility campaign for your business. We then work with our media contacts to get the artfully crafted campaign exposure across the internet. We manage everything 100% while you focus on the quality services you provide and build your business! 

What iMEDIArank can do for you…

Online Visibility

We get you ahead of your competition by leveraging simple but effective techniques to generate public interest and visibility.


Our simple and effective process establishes and positions your business as having the greatest authority in your local area. This leads to massive trust from prospective buyers before they even contact your business.

Increased Website Rankings

Through our efforts and execution process, your website rankings will naturally get a boost from the traffic and high quality backlinks we produce on an ongoing basis.

ROI - Return On Investment

Are you tired of hiring digital marketing agencies at high monthly rates only to find that you’re barely receiving an ROI? Our service offerings and pricing are built around ROI. Our baseline goal is that our clients receive a minimum of 2:1 ROI (for every $1 invested, you get $2 in return), but in most cases it’s much higher…

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How iMEDIArank Works…

We create, optimize and launch content about your business that drives traffic to your website and new sales leads to your office. We can be the secret, high powered, affordable marketing system behind your operation.

At the launch of your service and on an on-going monthly basis, we analyze and compare your online presence to your top performing competitors in your area. We strategize and tailor your monthly campaign to boost any underperforming areas.

You partner with us and we do all of the work for you on an ongoing, monthly basis. We provide you with a long term, hands-off marketing solution that you can count on year after year.

Online Visibility

We generate public interest and increased visibility online.

Monthly Campaign

We create, launch and optimize monthly content.


You gain the greatest authority in your local area.

On-Going Analysis

Your online presence vs. your top competitors.

Website Rankings

Traffic, backlinks and citations naturally boost your website.

Managed Solution

Hands-off marketing solution that you can count on.

iMEDIArank Verticals



Cosmetic Surgery

Wellness Clinics

Elderly Services


Personal Injury





Solar Power

Hydro Power


Energy Efficiency







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per month / per location
  • Publicity, Credibility & Authority Strategy
  • Your Online Assets Improved
  • Content Created & Launched
  • High Profile Media Exposure
  • Increased Website Rankings
  • Verifiable Results Within 14 Days
  • Long Term, Ongoing Marketing Strategy
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Quarterly Results Call
  • Email Support
  • 30-Day Money Back Performance Guarantee
  • No Contracts

Steps To A Partnership With Us…

Discovery Call

Schedule a quick 15-minute discovery call to find out if your business is right for our media ranking and if your territory is available.

Analysis Call

At the end of the 15-minute discovery call, if all goes well, we will schedule a 45-minute Analysis Call. Prior to this call, our team will research and create a report about the potential in your local area and how your business is measuring up. During our call together, we will go over the report, discuss your goals and show you how we can help. If you and our team are interested in moving forward, you’ll signup at the link below.

New Client Onboarding

After you signup and process your payment, you will be forwarded to our simple onboarding form. This form should only take 5 minutes for you or your staff to fill out. Once completed, you will be asked to schedule your 30-minute “Kick Off” call with us to plan out the next 6-12 months of campaigns. That’s it, simple for you!


Positive ROI.


You Get Results.


Performance Guarantee.